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IB mocks are over and have thoroughly reaffirmed my lack of religious beliefs.

“Thank you, extra virgin olive oil, for being so pure and untainted, unlike that extra slut olive oil I’ve been using.”

—   Jimmy Fallon

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“Thank you … fun-size candy, for calling yourself “fun” to distract me from the fact that you’re smaller than regular candy. Nice try. They should call you “disappointment-size candy.””

—   Jimmy Fallon, the Writers of Late Night

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Imminent crossroads in life lead to excessive introspection on my part, however at this point my requisite for reflection is adding to a immensely full plate, rivaling that your fattest family member on Thanksgiving. Instead of unloading on my peers, I thought I’d spout my insights, observations, and inspirations here. If this is even half as cathartic as binge-watching television on Netflix, its benefits will know no bounds. If along this way as serve as a source of inspiration or amusement for somebody else, then that’s even better.